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Our firm provides audit services and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients. We offer:

  • Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals, closely held business, nonprofits, and corporations


  • Audits, Compilations and Reviews including FQHC audits and nonprofit auditor


Our goal is to provide quality services on a timely basis.  Contact us to discuss the services you desire from our firm.


About Us


Chapel Hill, NC CPA firm serving. Offering services in Audit and Taxation.  With Sherri Rose, CPA, PLLC, you get the service you expect from a local firm.


We provide audit and attestation services to nonprofits, HUD and closely held businesses, individual tax preparation, corporate tax preparation, non-profit tax reporting (annual 990).


We work with business owners to understand the unique elements of your business and provide the level of service you desire from your CPA. Contact us to discuss your tax or audit needs.



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Nonprofit Auditor

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Nonprofit Auditor

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The operating reserve is cash to be used in the organization.  It is part of an overall cash flow plan.  Reserves can be for a specific purpose; such as, fixed asset purchase or program expansion.  General operating reserves are for use in the day to day operations to bridge budget shortfalls.

Expert advice is to maintain an operating reserve of at least three months of budgeted expenses.  Nonprofit operations are different across their missions and the communities they serve.  This requires each nonprofit organization to consider their unique circumstances and goals to properly analyze and determine an appropriate operating reserve.

Areas of Practice

Audit and Review

Tax Preparation



How much does a nonprofit audit cost?

Audits are expensive.  They are the highest level of assurance; therefore, require the most work.  The fee quoted will depend on several factors:

  • How many different sources of funding does the organization have?

  1. Multiple grants

  2. Program revenue

  3. Fundraising activities

  • How complicated is the balance sheet?

  1. Number of mortgages or loans